The Dressage Directory is a Dressage Directory and link list site to pages containing equestrian and classical horse information .It is intended as an information resource for clubs,dressage results,chat,arena Diagrams, instructors,tests, warmblood horses , and tack / saddles for International Dressage enthusiasts.The Dressage directory is best viewed by IE5.5 and above and Java is desirable.General International Dressage results are best from Euro Dressage, and Australian Dressage Results from the Equestrian Federation of Australia.

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Research & Veterinarian

American Association Of Equine Practitioners
Equine Dentists
NetVet Veterinary Resources
Merck Veterinary Manual

McPhail Equine Performance Center - Dressage
Australian Veterinary Chiropractic Association
Centro di Studio del Cavallo Sportivo - Perugia
L’Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Lyon - Département Hippique
Equine Bodyworks
Equistro Pharma
Equine Studies
Equine Dentistry
Equine Color - Equine Color Genetics Information
European Association of the Equine Dental Experts
Hamilton Research Inc - 'Equitainer' for Transported Semen
Hippocampus - Nederlands
Horse Genetics
Intervet    (Regumate)
International Society for Equitation Science
Kentucky Equine Research
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture - Feeding & Pastures
Pasture Management for Horses - Denis Lindsell
RIRDC - Rural Industries Research and Development
RIRDC Equine Research ( Sydney Uni )
Royal ( Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
Sports Medicine and Science Institute
The Royal Danish Veterinary and Agricultural University, KVL
University of Sydney - Veterinary Science

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Hoof and Farriery

World Farriers Association
American Farrier's Association
Brotherhood Of Working Farriers Association
The Guild of Professional Farriers
The Sisterhood of Shoers
Australian Farriers and Blacksmiths Association
Master Farriers Association of NSW
European Federation of Farriers Associations
The Farriers Registration Council
National Association of Farriers, Blacksmiths and Agricultural Engineers
Worshipful Company of Farriers
Japan Farriers Association (JFA)
Union Française des Maréchaux Ferrant
Svenska hovslagareföreningen

Applied Equine Podiatry Association - UK
International Institute of Equine Podiatry
The United Kingdom Horse Shoers Union

The Farrier and Hoofcare Resource Center
Hoof Redevelopment Center - North Carolina

Laminitus Advice
The Laminitus trust
Safer Grass

Hoofcare and Lameness Magazine - The Farrier and Hoofcare Resource Center
Natural Hoof - New Zealand
UK Natural Hoofcare Practitioners

Mint Vale Forge
World Wide Farriers Directory

Easy Care - Horse Hoof Care - Boots
Easy Walker Horseshoes
Studs and Stuff
Swiss Horse Boot
Ice Horse

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American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association
Acupuncture - Dr Ina Gosmeier
Barefoot for Soundness
Barefoot Equine Management Association
Biomechanical Riding and Dressage
Biomechanical Riding & Dressage : Lightness     ( Referring Page )
Cabcalor - Natural Hoofcare and Saddlery
Cheval Nature
The Clicker Center - Clicker Training Headquarters
De Maesberg
Dressage Naturally - Karen Rohlf
Dressuur Natuurlijk
Dr. Garaman - Psychological Rejuvenation
DbarH - Montana - Training
Equihof Tackshop - Belgium
Equine Barehoof Care
Equine Natural Health
Frederick A Cook - The Equine Centre
Hands-on-Horses - Equine Shiatsu Training
Naturaly Equine - New Zealand
Niagara Equissage
Harmany Equine Clinic
Heal the Hoof
Horse Holistics
Horses Shiatsu
Jessica Jahiel Holistic Horsemanship
Natural Animal Health Co
Natural Horsemanship (in Dutch )
Natural Horse Magazine
Natural Horsemanship Center of Oregon
Natural Horse People
Natural Sporthorse
Naturaly Yours
Paard Natuurlijk
Performace Barefoot
The - Equine Health Care Magazine
The Naked Hoof
Tai Chi for the Equestrian - James Shaw

Horsessentials - Essential oils and Aromatherapy

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Australia Equine Behaviour Center
Equine Behaviour Forum
Equine Behaviour
Equine Research Foundation
Havemeyer Equine Behaviour Lab ( Pennsylvania University )
Horse Behaviour and Psychology
Horse Connexion
Horse Problems
Headshakers ( Yahoo Group )
International Directory of Equine Behaviour Researchers
Mares Magic

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Saddle Fitting & Aids

Advance Saddle Fit - New Hampshire
Balance International
County Saddles - Saddle Fitting Guide
First Thought Equine
Rein Aid Products - USA
Saddle Right - Orthopaedic Competition Saddle Pads
Saddle Fitting Site
Thinline - Saddle Pads

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Barrier Biotech - Ragwort Control
Reflectively Yours - Reflective Signs
UK Horse Products
Interdressage - Online Dressage Competition
Hunter Creek Video Systems
Cowboy Dressage at Wolf Creek Ranch
The Advisory Committee of the American Horse Council
Horse & Rider Gear Glossary of Horse Terms
Dressage Mules
Zamar Koudetherapie
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Fourth Estate

International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists

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Horse Journeys, Schools & Holidays

International Federation of Equestrian Tourism

Bee Tree Trail - Carriage Tours - PA
Equestrian Adventurer
Lantern Lane Farm - Dressage Vacations
Equestrian Vacations
Hippo Trek
Schloss Sindlingen
Hurunui Horse Treks - New Zealand
Centro Ippico della Berardenga - Italy
Il Paretaio - Classical Riding Center - Italy
Podere Palazzone - Italy
African Horse Safari Association
Colin's Horseback Africa Safaris
Equus Horse Safaris
Okakambe Trails - Namibia
Coudelaria Bessa de Carvalho- Portugal
Morgado Lusitano - Portugal
Quinta do Archino - Portugal
Ride Chile
Hacienda de los Olivos
Yeguada Iberica

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