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International Clubs & Associations

FEI International Federation for Equestrian Sports   ( FEI )
FEI Clean Sport
FEI World Cup
International Dressage Riders Club
International Dressage Trainer Club
ESSA - European State Studs Association e.V.

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Federation Equestre Nationale D'Autriche

Landesfachverband Burgenland
Landesfachverband Niederösterreich
Landesfachverband Oberösterreich
Landesfachverband Salzburg
Landesfachverband Steiermark
Landesfachverband Tirol
Landesfachverband Vorarlberg
Landesfachverband Wien
Lipizzanerverband in Österreich

Alt Oesterreich Pferde
Pferde Austria
Spanische Hofreitschule ( Spanish Riding School)

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The Belgian Equestrian Association

The Belgian Academy for the Art of Riding
Junior Riders Belgium

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Dressage Canada
Equine Canada

Canadian Dressage Owners and Riders Association
Canadian International Dressage Riders Association
Canadian Sports Horse Association

AERL - L’Association Equestre Régionale des Laurentides
Alberta Dressage Association
Alberta Dressage Association Calgary Area
Alberta Dressage Association Chinook County Area
Alberta Dressage Association Edmonton Area
Alberta Dressage Association Parkland Area
Alberta Junior Young Riders Dressage Association
Conestoga Cadora
Caledon Cadora
Dancing Hooves Dressage Association - Saskatchewan
Dressage Winnipeg
Dressage New Brunswick
Dressage Niagara
Dressage Quebec
Glanbrook Cadora
Greater Sudbury Dressage Association
Hoofbeats Dressage Club
Kawartha Lakes Dressage Association
The London Dressage Association
Ottawa Area Dressage Group
Toronto Cadora Dressage
QSLB Cadora
Upper Canada Dressage Association
Victoria-Saanich Cadora

Alberta Equestrian Association
Federation Equestre du Quebec
Horse Council British Columbia
Prince Edward Island Horse Council
Manitoba Horse Council
New Brunswick Equestrian Association
Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation
Newfoundland Equestrian Association
Ontario Equestrian Federation
Ottawa Dressage festival
Saskatchewan Horse Federation

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Dansk Ride Forbund

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Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung

Berufsreiter Verband

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Federation Francais d'Equitation
Association Française des Cavaliers de Dressage (AFCD)
Académie Astley

Academie du Spectacle Equestre
Amazones de France
Equitation Legerete Dressage (Allege-Ideal)
Les Haras Nationaux
Le Cheval Haute-Ecole Equitation
Ecole National d'Equitation - le Cadre Noir de Saumur
Club Francais de Juges de Dressage     ( Alternative Site )
France Dressage

Alsace Dressage
Cote d'Azur Equitation
Cote d'Azur Dressage
Loire Dressage
La Serpentine - Alsace
Le Site Cheval
Rhone Alpes Dressage
Top Dressage Team

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The Equestrian Federation of Ireland
Dressage Ireland
Dressage Ireland Youth Club (DIY)

Eastern Ireland Dressage
Leinster Dressage
Midland and Western Region Dressage
Northern Ireland Dressage
North Munster Dressage
South East Region Dressage

Irish Horse Society

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FNRS ( Federatie van Nederlandse Ruitersportcentra )
FNRS - Ruiterpaspoort

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New Zealand

New Zealand Equestrian Organization
Dressage New Zealand

Auckland Manukau Dressage Group
Dressage Bay of Plenty
Dressage Canterbury
Dressage Otago
Dressage Rotorua
Dressage Tauranga
Dressage Waitemata
Dressage Wellington
Eastern Bay of Plenty Dressage
Gisborne Dressage Group
The Morrinsville - Te Aroha Dressage Group

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Scottish Equestrian Association
Dressage Scotland
British Riding Clubs Area 1
British Riding Clubs Area 22
Riding Clubs in Scotland

Ayr Riding Club
Easterton Dressage Group
Fife Riding Club
Gordon Dressage Group
Scottish Dressage Group
Strathclyde Dressage Group
Tayside Dressage Group

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South Africa

South African National Equestrian Association
KwaZulu Natal Dressage Commitee
South African Warmblood Horse Society
South African Lipizzaners
Warmblood Horse Breeders' Society of Namibia
The Horse Society of Guateng    ( Alt site )

East London Dressage

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Real Federation Hipica Espanola

Dressage 10
Federación Andalucía
Federación Aragón
Federación Cantabria
Federación Castilla y León
Federación Castilla la Mancha
Federación Cataluña
Federación Galicia
Federación Islas Baleares
Federación Madrid
Federación Navarra
Federación Valencia
Fundacion Real Escuela Andaluza Del Arte Equestre

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The Swedish Equestrian Association
Svenska Dressyrtränarklubben
Swedish Warmblood Association
Avelsföreningen för Svenska Varmblodiga Hästen

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Swiss Equestrian Federation

Fédération Equestre Romande
Federazione Ticinese Sport Equestri
Pferdesport Verband Nordwest
Verband Ost Schweizerischer Reitvereine
Zentral Schweizerischer Kavalerie und Pferdesport Verband

Association des Sociétés de Cavalerie du Jura
Association Vaudoise des Sociétés Hippiques
Fédération Fribourgeoise des Sports Equestres
Fédération Genevoise Equestre

Swiss Judges Application

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United Kingdom

British Equestrian Federation
British Dressage
British Dressage - Competitions
British Dressage - Schedules and Results
British Dressage Supporters Club
British Horse Society Scotland
British Horse Society - Affiliated Riding Clubs
Equestrian Team GBR

Aspley Guise and District Riding Club
Basic Paces
Belmoredean Dressage
C.E Dressage Group
Cornwall Dressage Group
Croft Dressage
Dressage Under 21's
Dunelm Dressage
Durham Dressage
East Anglian Dressage Group
Eastern Dressage Liaison Group (EDLG)
Flint and Denbigh Riding Club
Just-So Equestrian Events
Jersey Dressage Club
Liverpool Equestrian Club
Rochdale and District Riding Club
Saxon Dressage Group
Strathmore and District Riding Club
Tayside Dressage Group
Torfaen Riding Club
The Classical Riding Club
Wellington Riding
Wessex Classical Riding Group
West Surrey Riding Club
Windsor Park Equestrian Club

Classical Dressage Notebook
Hereford Equestrian Directory

Hartpury Festival of Dressage
Olympia Horse Shows
Dressage at Hickstead

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US Equestrian Federation
US Dressage Federation
The Dressage Foundation

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Equestrian Federations & Associations

International Federation for Equestrian Sports

Federacion Ecuestre Argentina

Equestrian Federation of Australia

Federation Equestre Nationale D'Autriche

Equestrian Federation of Belarus

The Belgian Equestrian Association

Bermuda Equestrian Federation

Federacao Hipica De Brazilia
Confederação Brasileira de Hipismo

British Equestrian Federation
British Dressage

Dressage Canada
Equine Canada

Czech Equestrian Federation

Dansk Ride Forbund

Deutschen Reiterlichen Vereinigung

Federation Francais d'Equitation

The Greek Equestrian Association

The Indian Equestrian Federation
Amateur Riders' Club - Mumbai

The Equestrian Commission of Indonesia

Israeli Equestrian Federation

Federazione Italiana Sport Equestri
Gruppo Italiana Dressage
Centro Ippico Toscano
A.S.D. Campania Dressage

Hungarian Equestrian

The Equestrian Federation of Ireland

Japan Equestrian Federation

The Luxemburg Equestrian Association

La Federación Ecuestre Mexicana

Equestrian Federation of Kazakhstan


NRYF - Norway

New Zealand Equestrian Organization

Polish Equestrian Federation

Portuguese Equestrian Federation
Associação Portuguesa de Criadores do Cavalo Puro Sangue Lusitano
Escola Portuguesa de Arte Equestre

Qatar Equestrian Federation

Russian Horses
Association of Equestrian Sports - St.Petersburg

Scottish Equestrian Association

Equestrian Federation of Singapore
Bukit Timah Saddle Club

Konjeniška Zveza Slovenije

Real Federation Hipica Espanola

South African National Equestrian Association

The Swedish Equestrian Association

Swiss Equestrian Federation

US Equestrian Federation

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WBFSH - Horse Ranking
FEI / BCM Dressage Ranking    ( Referring Page )
FEI / BCM Dressage Riders - On-line Rankings
FEI - List of Registered Riders for 2008
FEI - List of Registered Horses for 2008
British Dressage Rider Rankings


FEI WBFSH - Horse World Ranking 2006 - Dressage
FEI WBFSH - Horse World Ranking 2006 - Dressage - By Studbook
FEI WBFSH Dressage Horse Rankings 2003-5
FEI Rider Rankings 2005
FEI WBFSH Dressage Horse Ranking by Studbook 2004-5
FEI WBFSH Dressage Horse Ranking 2004-5


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