The Dressage Directory is a Dressage Directory and link list site to pages containing equestrian and classical horse information .It is intended as an information resource for clubs, dressage results, chat, arena Diagrams, instructors, tests,Warmblood horses , and tack / saddles for International Dressage enthusiasts. The Dressage directory is best viewed by IE9 and above and Java is desirable. General International Dressage results are best from Euro Dressage, and Australian Dressage Results from the Equestrian Federation of Australia.
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World Studs, Stables, Riders & Trainers

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United Kingdom - Studs, Trainers, & Riders

UK Olympic Organisation

British Dressage - Find a Trainer ( Referring Page )

British Hanoverian Horse Society
Lipizzana Society GB
Sporthorse Breeding of Great Britain
Sporting-Horse co uk
The Trakehner Breeders' Fraternity
Warmblood Breeders' Studbook

A B Sporthorses - Astrid Bolton
Active Equestrian - Fiona James & Nicola McGivern
Adam Murdin Dressage
Aderro Dressage
ALM Dressage
Anand Patel - Dressage
Andrew Gould
Anna Ross-Davies Dressage
Anne-Marie Perry Dressage
Arabella Whelan
Arrow Equestrian
Aspen Grove Dressage
Assouline Dressage Essex
Alvescot Stud
Belmoredean Dressage
Being Warmbloods
Blackington Stud
Bluebarn Dressage
Bluegate Hall Dressage
Bluewood Trakehners
Bret Willson Dressage
Brookhouse Stud
Carl Hester
Carreg Dressage
Catherston Stud
C.E Dressage Group - Joanne Wainwright
CF Dressage - Holly Burrough
CJ's Equine Training & Stocks - Pembrokeshire
Classical Equitation - Catherine Edwardes
Classic Dressage International
Chailey Stud
Claire Lilley
Cranbourne Farm - Kent
Croft Dressage - Warrington
CVS Sport Horses
Darryl Thickitt Dressage
Debbie Lush
Debbie Moore
Denise O'Reilly - The Dressage Secret
Dianne Breeze
Dressage UK - Fry's Dressage - Laura Fry
Dutch Competition Horses
DHI Performance Horse
Elite Dressage - Philippa Williams
Elite Dressage Stallions ( alt site )
Eric Horgan
Emma Willis - Fife Scotland
End House Stud
Fiona Foy
Fiddlers Green Stud - Daniel Watson
Flax Lion Stud
Forest Farm Dressage - Guernsey
Gamblethorpe Hanoverians
Gaer Fawr House Stud  ( GFH )
Gemsbrook Dressage - Paula Sherwood
German Dressage Horse UK
Glenwood Stud International
Global Dressage
Glossoms Farm Stud
Godington Stud
Goshka Sporthorses
Grafham Stud
Half Moon Hanoverian Stud
Harper Dressage - Samantha Harper & Matias Albornoz
Henryfield Stud
High Offley Stud
Highwood Dressage Horses
Hinton Equestrian
Hobgoblins Stud
Holden Fold Dressage and Stud
Holme Trakehners
Hooze Dressage
Hubbards Hall Warmbloods
Jade Warman Dressage
Jane Bartle-Wilson - The Yorkshire Riding Centre
Julie Frizzell - Dressage Coaching UK
Kate Attlee
Keatinge Trakehners
Kirsty Mepham Dressage
Krissy Hammond-Parker
Landford Common Stud
Larkshill Stud
Lisa Hopkins
Lise Roberts Dressage
Lisa White Dressage
L W Dressage
Maximillian Stud
Markus Bauer
Meadow Stud
Millfield Stud
Michael Johnson Dressage
Moody Dressage (Gunthwaite Dressage)
Natalie Allen
Newmoors Dressage
OC Sporth0rses
Pam Millar Dressage
Paul Davies
Pen-Llyn Lusitano
PR Hughes Dressage
Priory Dressage - Andrew Gould
Quainton Stud Farm
Queach Farm Stables
Ravendale Stud
Redstone Hanoverians
Rhos Farm Warmbloods
RIDE Dressage - Lindsay Wilcox-Reid
Rockhill Farm Hanoverian Horse Stud
Ruxton Horses
Sally Newcomb
Sarah Cheetham (née Bigg)
Sheepcote Equestrian Services
Singing Trakehner Stud
Simone Ward Dressage
Sinai Dressage
Solland Stud
Sophie Stent - Training
Sporthorse Breeder
Stal Brons
Stanhope Stud
Step into Dressage - Simon Battram
Stilebridge Barn Dressage
Stud d’Epris
Talland School of Equitation
Tantoni Warmbloods
The Nibeley Stud
The Singing Stud
The Talland School of Equitation
Treliver Stud
Tramontana Stud
UK Dressage - Paul Fielder - Norwich
Valerie Armitage - Leicestershire
Volatis Stud - South Lincolnshire
Washbrook Farm
Westoak Hanoverian Stud
Westpoint Stud
Wild Farm Dressage
Witcham House Stud Farm
Woodlander Stud
Woodcroft Stud - Cambs
Wortmann International
World Class Stallions
WPW Dressage
Yorkshire Dressage - Aldham Mill Equestrian

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UK - Equestrian Centres

British Horse Society
The Equine Centre - Guide to Competition Venues

Abbey Dressage Equestrian Center
Addington Manor Equestrian Center
Aderro Dressage Center
Aldborough Hall Equestrian Centre
Arena UK
Badgworth Equestrian Center
Barleyfields Equestrian Center
Beaver Hall Equestrian Center
Bissell Wood Equestrian Centre
Cobham Manor Equestrian Centre
College Equestrian Center
Crockstead Equestrian Center
Croft Riding Center
Croft End Equestrian Center
Dabbs Equestrian Centre - Auchtermuchty - Scotland
Dressage at Hickstead
East Herts Equestrian Center
East Soley Equestrian Center
Eccleston Equestrian Center
Edinburgh Equestrian Center
Fenning Farm Dressage Centre
Greenfields of Avondale
Hargate Equestrian
Harolds Park Farm - Essex
Hayfield Equestrian Center - Scotland
Heart of England Equestrian
Hereford Equestrian Centre
Hinton Equestrian
Hoplands Equestrian Centre
Honnington Equestrian Centre
Hurstbourne Equestrian Centre
Ingestre Stables - Stratford
Keysoe Equestrian Facilities
Kingswood Equestrian Centre
KMC Equestrian Centre
Layham Hall - Suffolk
Limes Farm Equestrian Center
Leyland Court Farm
Longwood Equestrian Center
Manor Farm Equestrian Centre
Medstead Grange Equestrian Centre
Mile End Equestrian
Muirmill International Equestrian Center
North Allerton Equestrian Centre
Norton Heath Equestrian Centre
Northern Equestrian at Richmond Equestrian Centre
Oakfield Equestrian Center
Oldencraig Equestrian Center
Patchetts Equestrian Centre
Quob Stables Equestrian Centre
Rowallan Activity Center
Runningwell Equestrian Centre
Sheepgate Equestrian Centre
Swallowfield Equestrian Centre
Tall Trees Arena
Thorpe Grange Equestrian Centre
Todburn Equestrian Centre - Northumberland
Unex Towerlands
Vale View Equestrian
Wellington Riding Center
Weston Lawns Equitation
West Wilts Equestrian Centre
Witham Villa Riding Centre
Wix Equestrian Center
Yorkshire Riding Center


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