The Dressage Directory is a Dressage Directory and link list site to pages containing equestrian and classical horse information .It is intended as an information resource for clubs,dressage results,chat,arena Diagrams, instructors,tests, warmblood horses , and tack / saddles for International Dressage enthusiasts.The Dressage directory is best viewed by IE5.5 and above and Java is desirable.General International Dressage results are best from Euro Dressage, and Australian Dressage Results from the Equestrian Federation of Australia.

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Articles (General )

The Horse Magazine - Dressage Articles
(The Horse Magazine)
Dressage Simplified - Gail Hoff-Carmona  
(Los Alamos Dressage Center)
Eurodressage - Show Reports
(Eurodressage Articles)
Sustainable Dressage net - Theresa Sandin
Farriery Articles
( Horse Shoes .com)
Feeding Articles
( Saracen Horse feeds )
Ritter Dressage - Articles
( Artistic Dressage )
Gerhard Politz Articles
( Gerhard Politz Dressage )
Good Seat of Discipline by Deborah Kaetz
( Shambhala )
Glossary of Judging Terms
( Global Dressage Forum )
Walter Zettl - Articles
( Walter Zettl) - Free reports
( )
Bill Woods - Articles
( Woods Dressage )
Equine Reproduction Articles
( Equine reproduction )
Wikipedia Dressage - Information

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Articles ( Lighter Side )

Dressage: Art or Science?  
The Shanghaied Guide to Dressage
Pencilling Hints (Scribing)
The Pferdscheizermeister

The Amazing New Dressage Test -Joanna MacDonald et al
( V Kirkwood )

Video - Tex Roundup and the Australian Brumby
Video - Schweppes Bull
Video - Apeldoorn advertisement
Video - Dressage Horse Owners Explained


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